If you see any of these warning signs, you may need to repair, retrofit or rebuild your deck.

Missing Connections
A deck should be built using a combination of wood, nails, screws and metal connectors. Look at how your deck is built. If you only see nails, your deck may be unsafe.
Loose Connections
Depending on how the deck was built, vital connections may have degraded over time due to various factors. Issues such as wobbly railings, loose stairs and ledgers that appear to be pulling away from the home are all causes for concern.
Corrosion of Connectors and Fasteners
Metal connectors, nails and screws can corrode over time. Look for rust and other signs of corrosion that can weaken the structural strength of your deck.
Wood can rot and degrade over time with exposure to the elements. Wood within the deck frame that has rotted can make your deck unstable.
As wood ages, it is common for cracks to develop. Large cracks or excessive cracking overall can weaken your deck, making it unsafe.

* Simpson Strong Tie and the Home Safety Council have teamed up to support
   deck safety education by creating a video about how to inspect your deck.

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