For most of us, deck season begins in the summer, for others it is year round. To remind homeowners how important it is to inspect their decks each year and make the needed repairs, Simpson Strong-Tie launched its deck safety campaign in 2007.

Our deck safety campaign is now an annual event. In 2008, we hosted a deck tour with The Home Depot where we traveled around the country building and collapsing decks. Our deck display featured two similar-looking decks - one safe and one unsafe and allowed us to show homeowners the key connections on a safe deck and the typical problems on a poorly built deck. Our tour took us to Seattle, Long Island, Atlanta and Chicago - cities that have had several reported deck collapses. In 2010, we teamed with the Home Safety Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing injuries in and around the home, to help us spread our deck safety message.

Our deck events and safety messages have received local and national media attention, including segments on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The CBS Early Show and Canada's morning show Canada AM.

Here are some of the stories that made the news along with a photo gallery of our deck events.

* Simpson Strong Tie and the Home Safety Council have teamed up to support
   deck safety education by creating a video about how to inspect your deck.

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