Structural connectors are metal parts and hardware that connect and support the frame of your house, and help it resist the damage caused by earthquakes, high winds and hurricanes. Connectors come in all shapes and sizes, and have a variety of names, such as straps, joist hangers, holdowns and hurricane ties. Here are some of the most common types of connectors used in a home.

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Rafter Ties
Also known as hurricane ties, are used to connect the rafters and trusses that make up your roof to the wood top plate.
Strap Ties
Are used to tie the upper story to the lower story of a house.
Are used to connect the wall studs to the wood sill plate.
Anchor Bolts or Mudsill Anchors
Are used to secure the wood sill plate to the foundation.
In addition to structural connectors, homes are built with several reinforced walls known as shearwalls. A shearwall is a high strength wall that is engineered to help carry the weight or load of a home and help it resist the forces from an earthquake or high wind storm.

When all of these structural connectors and shearwalls are used in conjunction with each other in a home, it forms what is known as a Continuous Load Path.

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