(Metal) Connectors
Steel components that connect the frame of the house together. Connectors are used where two pieces of framing material meet. They are designed to strengthen a home and increase its ability to resist high winds, hurricanes and other forces.

Continuous Load Path
A system of construction that provides a method of transferring external or internal forces from the frame of the house to the foundation by ensuring that each joint between framing members is connected together.

Fasteners typically refer to nails, screws, bolts or anchors. They are used to join framing materials together either by themselves for light-duty connections or in conjunction with connectors for heavier connections.

The block wall, concrete wall or concrete slab a house sits on.

Framing Materials
In wood-frame construction, framing materials typically refer to studs, sill plates, rafters/trusses, and sheathing material.

Heavy-duty connectors that anchor the ends of shearwalls to prevent overturning.

Hurricane Ties
Metal connectors specially manufactured to fasten the roof to the wall framing.

Mudsill (Sill Plate)
The bottom plate of a wood framed wall which is in-between the bottom of the studs and the foundation. This plate is chemically pressure treated to resist potential decay caused by moisture in the foundation.

Mudsill Anchors
Connectors that anchor the mudsill and wall framing to the foundation (your builder/remodeler may also use anchor bolts).

A structural wood member that supports the roof.

Reinforced walls within a home that have been engineered to help resist the shear (racking) forces that are caused by high winds. Shearwalls are typically constructed by attaching wood sheathing and holdown connectors to a section of the wood framing along a wall. Pre-manufactured shearwalls are also available.

Strap Ties
Flat metal connectors that tie the upper story to the lower story or anchor down ends of headers or beams.

Vertical wood members that compose the framework of a wall.

Top Plate/Bottom Plate
Horizontal wood members that run along the top and bottom of wall sections. (Wall sections should be properly secured to the top and bottom plate.)

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